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Charity & Not-for-Profit Insurance

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Charity & Not-for-Profit Insurance

Specialist insurance for clubs and associations in the third sector

Our charity & not-for-profit insurance policy is competitive with better cover when compared with your existing one.

We offer specialist insurance for clubs and associations as well as local community groups, committees, trustees and all other organisations who operate as a charity, not-for-profit or third sector organisation. For example, our policy is ideal for village and community hall management committees, playing field associations and joint burial committees. We always strive to ensure that good people doing the right thing for their communities, often as volunteers, are protected whilst doing so. It is unacceptable that in the extremely litigious society we now live in, these individuals are often left personally liable and exposed while doing their bit for their community.

The charity & not-for-profit sectors deserve the same level of insurance advice as everyone else, and we are now able to provide it for you.

In the five years since launching our local council pilot scheme in Hampshire in 2007, we have never stopped listening and learning about what it is that council clerks and councillors need from us as charity & not-for-profit insurance brokers. We now know that many individuals who give their time freely on local councils are also involved in other charity & not-for-profit organisations within their communities. Many of these organisations have insurance, but just like council policies had been before we entered the sector, most charity & not-for-profit insurance policies were extremely outdated. Once again, these organisations were dependent on the insurance knowledge of the individuals involved. As a result, we launched our Charity & Not-for-Profit insurance scheme in 2012 to provide relevant, up-to-date advice on insurance for clubs and associations as well as local community groups, charities and other third sector organisations.

If you are interested in a free quotation or want to register your charity or organisation for our free renewal reminder service, contact us now on 01483 462860 or email

*Subject to claims history, acceptability and a minimum premium.

Diana Wall, Clerk to the Council Minchinhampton Parish Council

Can I thank you for your prompt attention – we are so glad we ...

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