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Charity & Not-for-Profit Insurance

Core covers

Charity & Not-for-Profit Insurance - Policy Features - Core covers

Insurance for organisations, including local charities and associations

While we might call it ‘core cover’, this product actually provides an extensive selection of covers. We do this to ensure that every basic element of the “risk” is covered, protecting you and your organisation against the increasingly litigious society we live in.

The following core covers are included as standard:

Employers' Liability 

A key element of insurance for organisations, this covers the legal liability of the organisation for negligence following death or bodily injury or disease sustained by employees during and arising out of or in the course of their employment, including Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide.

Public and/or Products Liability 

Covers the organisation in the event that a third party suffers an injury or loss as a direct result of the organisation's negligence and takes legal action. It also includes:

  • Libel and Slander.
  • Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide.
  • Cover for Fireworks displays and other events upon request.

Hirers' Indemnity 

Covers legal liability for hirers of the Organisation's property. 


Includes cover for money when carried by employees, in night safes and safes, as well as small amounts of cash carried by principal employees. Also comes with Personal Accident assault cover for persons aged 16 - 80.

Charity Trustees Management Liability 

Covers the legal liability for claims arising from any negligent act, error or omission committed in good faith by any trustee or committee member of the charity or not-for-profit organisation.

Fidelity Guarantee 

Protects you against the loss of money and other property that might arise as a result of acts of fraud or dishonesty by your employees, including volunteers, trustees and committee members.

Personal Accident 

Cover for trustees, committee members, employees and volunteers aged 16 – 80 in the event that they are involved in accidents whilst carrying out their duties.

Commercial Legal Expenses 

Protection against the cost of potential commercial legal disputes, legal advice and representation. This covers:

  • Employment disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Contract disputes

Whether you are an existing client of Came & Company looking to discuss our standard cover offering or wish to switch from your exisiting insurance provider, please call us on 01483 462860 or email via and we will be happy to help.

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